Frequently Asked Questions(Click to Expand All The Answers...)
Q: Do you sell typewriters ?(Click to See The Answer...)
Yes, we sell vintage reconditioned typewriters. We have a display in our shop of various makes and models.
Q: I see you have a new location. Has anything else changed?
Although the location has changed, the quality of machines and service will remain the same. Come visit us to see and experience the finest quality of vintage typewriters in NYC.
Q: Do I need to make an appointment to see the typewriters for sale in your shop ?
Appointments are not necessary. Just stop by during our business hours that are listed on our website.
Q: Do you sell new typewriters ?
We do not sell new typewriters. The machines for sale are fully reconditioned. They are all mechanically sound, fully functional and cosmetically beautiful as well.
Q: Do you sell your typewriters on your website?
No, we do not sell on-line.
Q: Can I see a list of the current machines for sale on your website?
No, we do not have a list. Since we sell typewriters daily, we do not have the time to constantly update an on-line list. If there is a particular model you are searching for, give us a call and we can check our current inventory that is on display.
Q: Are the typewriters that I see pictured on your website for sale?
No. Our selection changes often so it is best to come visit our shop and see what is currently available.
Q: Can I order a specific model from you that I am interested in purchasing and would you have it in stock?
If there is a certain model you are looking for, let us know and we will check our inventory. If we have the typewriter you are searching for, we will contact you once it has been fully reconditioned and you can come pick it up at our shop.
Q: Do you ship your typewriters? I live out of state and would like to purchase one from you.
We do not ship the typewriters we sell. Due to the fragile and vintage nature of these machines, damage can occur during transit that can be irreversible.
Q: Does your shop offer free estimates for repairs?
Yes, our in-shop estimate and diagnosis is free. This can be done either the same or following day.
Q: If I bring in a typewriter for repair, can I wait for it?
No. Depending on what service the typewriter needs, along with having many other typewriters waiting to be repaired, the average wait is between 1-3 weeks until completion.
Q: Can you fix any typewriter, regardless of condition?
No. If you have a machine that has fallen, been dropped, has a broken carriage or numerous broken/missing parts, or has a significant amount of rust- chances are that this may be beyond repair.
Q: I want to get my typewriter repaired but i live far away and it is very heavy. Can I call to find out the costs of repair and maintenance before I bring it in?
Since it is difficult to determine exact costs without an in-shop and hands on diagnosis, we do not offer estimates over the phone.
Q: Do you sell typewriter ribbons ?
Yes, we have ribbons available for sale. Just let us know the make and model and you will receive the exact ribbon made for your machine.
Q: Would you be able to explain the features and mechanisms on the typewriter I purchase or get repaired from you?
When you purchase a typewriter or pickup one that has been serviced, we are happy to go over everything you need to know to have a pleasant typing experience for years to come.